If you've never taken a river trip before, it may seem daunting, but read through this description and we think you'll be ready to climb aboard!


Imagine waking to the smell of coffee brewing or bacon cooking. For the early birds we have coffee, fruit and juice ready by 7 or 7:30 and full breakfast by 8. Breakfast normally consists of something hearty and traditional like pancakes and bacon, french toast and sausage, or scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon. We also have juice, fruit, yogurt and cereal for those who want to eat lighter.

Breakfast is a good time to talk about what the day will be like, so people can pack accordingly. For example, if there is a long hike planned, you might put your hiking shoes in your day bag so they will available for the hike.

We will have everything packed and ready to hit the river by 9:30 or 10. We don't usually care to be on the river earlier, because it is too cool before then to be getting wet. You will have a chance to read, chat, hike, fish or otherwise relax while the rafts are being loaded.

On The Water

Rogue River rafting is done in three types of boats.

An oar raft is a large raft that is rowed by the guide. Your job here is to relax, watch the scenery go by, and hang on in the rapids.

paddle raft is a bit smaller. Everyone gets a paddle, and works as a team to maneuver the raft. The guide sits in back, steers and give commands.

An inflatable kayak, or ducky is a one- or two- person boat. With no guide, it is the most challenging -and fun-way to run the river.

Unless you know what kind of boat you want to be in, we recommend that you rotate between boats a few times each day, in order to get the whole river experience.

Once on the river we will float for two to three hours before stopping for lunch. We may also stop to take a short hike to a waterfall or other spot of interest.

Lunch normally takes about an hour, and gives people another chance to stretch their legs with a short hike or relax.

After lunch we float another two to three hours, again perhaps with an off-river activity. We arrive in camp between 3 and 5, depending on the miles we cover and the stops we make.


When we hit camp you will grab your bag and find a nice place to camp. Again, there is time to hike, swim, read, fish, relax or play games. Often a guide will organize a game or a hike to a place of special interest.

We serve hors d'oeuvre around 7 and dinner around 8. It is too warm to eat earlier. Dinner is usually a social time when everyone gathers to eat and share their day's experiences. The lead guide usually takes advantage of the gathering to tell everyone what tomorrow will bring.

Some folks tend to stay up late, talking, perhaps singing. Instruments are welcome if they are small enough to pack (no pianos, please) and add a great deal to any camp scene.

Sometimes, especially on the last night, people put together skits, make up songs, and otherwise celebrate the completion of a wonderful trip together.