Equipment List for the Rogue River

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Pack clothing you won't mind getting wet or dirty. Cut down on bulk by not bringing too many changes of clothing for the same temperature conditions. You do not need a change of clothing every day.

Clothing List

___ Swimsuit: Women may wear a swimsuit as their first layer under anything else (two-piece suits are preferable)
___ Shorts: quick drying. Can double as a swimsuit for men. One pair to wear on the river and one for camp
___ Tennis shoes, water sport sandals (KeenTeva, or Chaco), or wetsuit booties with soles
___ Socks: Polypropylene or wool
___ Shoes for camp
___ Pants for camp
___ Shirts: long sleeved is best for sun protection
___ Long underwear: Polypropylene, Smart wool, or Capilene
___ Sweater or jacket: Fleece or Wool
___ Pants: Fleece or Wool
___ Hat and Gloves: Fleece or Wool
___ Rain jacket and pants
___ Baseball cap or visor (with strap) for sun protection

Sometimes REQUIRED for early season trips:
____ Wetsuit (see WETSUITS below)

Gear List

___ Sleeping bags and pad*
___ Tent*
___ Ground Cloth
___ Small camp pillow
___ Water bottle with strap
___ Flashlight or headlamp
___ Sunglasses with strap
___ Bandanas
___ Insect repellant
___ Sunscreen/lip block
___ Moisturizer/skin lotion
___ Wet wipes
___ Small towels and toiletries
___ Medications
___ Large zip lock bags for wet gear

*Tents and Sleeping Bags Double occupancy tents and sleeping bags with a pad are available from ECHO at no additional cost, but you must request them! Please let us know if you need them by completing the appropriate spot on the registration form or by calling our office at (800) 652-3246.


___ Sturdy hiking shoes (for those interested in hiking)
___ Bike gloves to protect hands while paddling
___ Small zip lock bags for organizing gear
___ Fishing equipment and license
___ Sun shower
___ Disposable/waterproof camera
___ Book/Journal/Notebook
___ Small day pack or fanny pack
___ Dramamine (if prone to car sickness)


Your Waterproof Bag The bag, when fully packed, measures about 17 inches in diameter by 32 inches in height and is almost the size of a garbage bag. Your sleeping bag, pad, and personal items must fit into this bag. Separate bags will be available for tents.

Day Bags Since your waterproof bag will not be accessible during the day, personal waterproof day bags for items such as sunscreen, small cameras, rainwear, or sweater will be provided.

Clothing and comfort

Dressing safely and comfortably (not to mention fashionably) for river trips is a challenging task. It is very important and should not be taken lightly. For much of the season, you will need two sets of warm clothing: one for on the river and one for in camp.

Use the layering system

Bring clothes that can be worn under or on top of others. Layering allows you to adjust quickly to changeable weather by adding or subtracting layers.

Loose, fast drying, durable clothing is best for rafting. We recommend the following materials because they are compact and made to keep you warm and comfortable through a range of temperatures.

Polypropylene (Polypro) or capilene are synthetic materials that wick the moisture away from the skin. Long underwear (shirt and pants) are essential as the first layer in cool or wet weather.

Fleece is a synthetic material that is heavier than polypro. It makes an excellent Middle layer in cool or wet weather. Wool is also a good insulator. Bring a jacket or sweater as well as pants of these fabrics.

Cotton should NOT be worn during cool or wet weather since wet cotton lowers body temperature. Cotton is recommended for hot weather only!


Rain jacket and pants are to protect you from the wind and spray from the rapids as well as from storms. Coated nylon or breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex are best. Ponchos are bulky and dangerous so they are not recommended.


These are recommended and sometimes required for spring trips and for those interested in spending much of their time in an inflatable kayak. The 1/8 inch farmer john style is the most comfortable and can be worn with a rain jacket or paddling jacket. A long sleeved top of polypro or fleece adds needed warmth. A wool cap and gloves also help. To rent a wetsuit call Whitewater Cowboys at (541) 479-0132.


You will find guides and fellow guests in tennis shoes, wetsuit booties with soles, and river sandals. Closed shoes do offer the most foot protection while on the river and, if worn with wool or neoprene wetsuit socks, they can help insulate your feet when the water is cold.