Visit the Himalayas and the majestic Karnali River

Join us in Nepal to run the famous Karnali River on a trip brimming with scenery, culture and adventure. The trip begins with a flight into Nepal's capital city, Kathmandu. Bustling with trekkers from all over the world this is a common stop for adventurers looking to climb the tallest peaks, hike gorgeous trails and raft the snow melt of the mighty Himalayas.

You'll spend 2 nights here getting acclimate to the time and altitude while enjoying this magical town. You'll visit interesting historical sites complete with transportation and a guide.

Nepal is a wonderful country, with friendly citizens that enjoy travelers. The food is healthy and most people eat a diet of rice and lentils although food from around the world is available in Kathmandu. After getting somewhat acclimated to our new surroundings, we'll be off for the Karnali River and arrive at our riverside campsite and rest up before setting off downstream in the morning.

The Karnali starts in Tibet near Mount Kailash and carves its way through the Tibetan plateau and Himalayas into the lush forests of western Nepal. Pristine jungles offer views of deer, leopards, tigers and monkeys.

The Karnali is the largest and longest river in Nepal, with the upper half offering big Class IV whitewater and the lower more flatwater with stunning scenery. The river trip will cover days 6-12 of our itinerary including 1 layover day for hiking and exploring.
You'll float through sparsely populated areas, making for a trip of solitude and reflection. We'll reach civilization and our take-out in Chisopani, just before the river flows across the flat plains of India. We'll have lunch here and then head back to Kathmandu.

We'll spend the night at a hotel and have a free night for dinner, then another morning of guided sightseeing will round out this cultural tour. You can spend the afternoon shopping for textiles and trinkets before flying home in the morning.