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We Love Kayakers

The Middle Fork is America’s finest multi-day kayaking river. Covering 100 miles in five or six days gives you ample time to scout when necessary and play when you want to. If you’re a hardshell or inflatable kayaker we’d love to have you join us. We have a fleet of modern creekboats and playboats to choose from. Just bring your paddle, skirt, PFD, and helmet. You can kayak along any of our trips, but our office staff would like to talk to you help assess your skill level and make sure it is a safe options for you.

Kayaking the Middle Fork's Pistol Creek Rapid

Kayaking the Middle Fork’s Pistol Creek Rapid

ECHO Makes it Easy

All you need is your boat and your clothes. If you can’t get your boat to Idaho, we’ll help find you one! On the river, your only concern is getting to camp in time for dinner. We’ll already have your tent set up. If you get there early, you will have time to hike, swim, read, relax, and talk about the great day you had.
We do all the cooking and cleaning up, and we bring the beer. In addition, our fun and knowledgeable guides will be there to share their favorite play spots, hikes, and camp games. What more could you ask for?

Kayaking on the Middle Fork

Kayaking on the Middle Fork

Kayak Instruction

If you’re not quite self-sufficient in your paddling skills, consider joining a kayak instruction course. You’ll gain confidence and maneuverability under the watchful eye of a professional, who knows the river well and can push you to reach the next level. World-renowned kayak instructors Phil and Mary DeRiemer lead 2 trips down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River every year. ECHO has provided raft support for these trips for over 10 years.

A pod of kayakers on the Middle Fork

A pod of kayakers on the Middle Fork

Kayak Rentals

We have a fleet of modern kayaks that we rent for just $150 per trip.

  • Dagger Mamba 7.6, 8.1, or 8.6
  • Jackson Hero
  • Jackson Superhero

“Barbara and I just got off the Middle Fork Salmon with ECHO River Trips. They provided a kayaking guide for the 9 kayakers who went on the trip. ECHO is happy to accommodate kayakers, and it’s a great way to do a river trip with your non-kayaking spouse. They also provide inflatable kayaks, which were used by lots of people who had never kayaked before, even in many of the harder rapids. We had never gone on a commercial raft trip before, and it is pretty cushy (in a most enjoyable way). If you have not run the Middle Fork, it is mostly Class III with a couple IV-. Fantastically beautiful canyons. We recommend it.”
– Jerry and Barbara Meral