Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bathe or wash my hair?

To keep the rivers free of chemicals, you should carry a bucket of water away from the river for washing. You can have a buddy help you pour water over your head, shampoo up and then rinse. You can use a soapy washcloth to wash yourself or bring wet wipes. You can also bring a sun shower if you'd like.

What about bathrooms?

Some campsites on the Rogue have outhouses. If you're on the Middle Fork or a Rogue campsite without an outhouse, the guides will set up a "groover", which is a portable toilet, away from the campsite. The guides will also set up a handwashing station near the groover.

Should we tip the guides?

Tips are appreciated by the guides and normally range from 5-10% of your trip cost. Whether and how much you tip depends on your satisfaction with your guides and your financial means. You can give your tip to the head guide, who will distribute it equally among the crew.

Why do you ask me for "boat preference"?

This helps us determine how many of each boat to bring. If we have an active group that wants lots of time in paddle boats and duckies (inflatable kayaks), we can plan accordingly. If there are seniors or small kids that want to ride and not paddle, we can plan for passengers as well as gear in the oar rafts. This is just a guide for us and isn't etched in stone.

Do the rafts flip?

The ECHO guides make every effort to NOT flip the rafts, but it can happen on occasion. You will be instructed before getting in a boat on what to do if this occurs. Inflatable kayaks can and do flip more frequently. For this reason, helmets are required while in the inflatable kayaks.

What if there's an emergency?

Our trips carry satellite phones, but it's important to know that they are strictly for emergency evacuation situations and not 100% reliable. Our trips flow through vast wilderness areas. The guides are well-versed in evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency and how they handle the situation will depend on the severity of the injury and where your trip is located on the river.

Can people reach me on my river trip?

It is a definite challenge to get messages to you while you're on the river. The ECHO office will make attempts to reach you in extreme circumstances only.

Is alcohol provided?

For everyone's safety, no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the river, however once we reach camp each evening, those over 21 can enjoy beer, wine or cocktails. Beer and sodas are provided (up to 2 cans per person, per day) and wine is served with dinner. Additional beverages may be brought but should be in unbreakable containers, if possible. Glass bottles (wine or spirits) must be given to the guides to store in steel boxes to protect them from breaking.

Should I bring a camera?

There is always a chance that whatever you bring along rafting could be lost to the river. However, bringing a camera can capture special trip moments. At the very least, we recommend that you store your camera in a case, in a ziploc bag, inside your dry bag. Pelican boxes provide the best waterproof protection, so you may choose to purchase one of these for your camera. You could also use a disposable waterproof camera.

ECHO brings a camera on each trip to take pictures for the group. After the trip, these photos are uploaded to a special section of our website for you to view. Guests can view these photos, upload their own photos, and download any of the photos for free. Only guests on your trip will have access to these photos.

Do I need the rain gear?

In June, you should be prepared for showers and possible cold temperatures. For July and August, even if the forecast is for sun, we recommend at the very least, bringing a waterproof jacket in case of showers. Conditions can change rapidly on the river and being prepared can make your trip more comfortable.

Do you provide wetsuits?

For Middle Fork trips, we have wetsuits available that should fit most. They are usually used in June or if you spend a lot of time in a ducky. The Rogue has warm water, and wetsuits are rarely needed.

Are there a lot of bugs?

The cooler evening temperatures and rushing water keep mosquitoes from being a huge problem in Idaho and Oregon, but during the hot months and at the lower elevations, you may have some. If you or your children are sensitive to mosquitoes, you may want to bring repellant.