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River Guacamole

    - ECHO Staff | February 1, 2008

“River guacamole” is our famous guacamole recipe that originated with world traveler and ECHO guide extraordinaire Jeremy Thomas. He says “Keep it simple – mayo / sour cream are for crazy Russians (Vlad) to eat right out of the tub – THEY DO NOT GO IN GUAC.”

The ingredients
10 moderately squishy avocados
6 tomatoes
2 yellow onions
3 Jalapeno peppers
1 bunch of cilantro
4 limes

Fill up your ECHO cup with a fresh Riverita™. Mash the avocados, tomatoes, onions, and peppers in a bowl. The 3 Jalapeno peppers will make it spicy, so add more or less depending on your tolerance. Cut the limes in half and squeeze lime juice on top. Add salt to taste. Continue tasting the guacamole and drinking your Riverita&#8482 until you deem it perfect.

The two most important parts of this recipe
1. You’ll want to get just the right amount of salt. This may take many taste tests.
2. Be sure to drinks Riveritas™ in an ECHO cup during the whole process. The recipe for Riveritas™ is an ECHO secret, so you’ll have to come on one of our trips for the

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full river guacamole experience.