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ECHO is an American Rivers Ambassador

    - Janda | April 23, 2012

ECHO is proud to partner with American Rivers and support their work to protect and restore the nation’s rivers and streams. In 2012, ECHO became a charter member to the River Ambassador program, which seeks to engage our river-loving guests in American Rivers’ endeavors.

Founded in 1973, American Rivers has more than 65,000 members and supporters nation wide. Their work contributed to the removal of three dams on the Rogue River in the last 5 years, restoring the currents necessary for wildlife, fish migration, and whitewater rafting. In 2011 they had a strong hand in the removal of the 125 ft. defunct Condit Dam from the White Salmon River (just a few miles from our Hood River office) restoring miles of salmon habitat and whitewater.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Manley, Rogue River guest, 2010

Photo courtesy of Jamie Manley, Rogue River guest, 2010

We teamed up with American Rivers for a Rogue River trip in 2008 to make a film celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, which has protected the Rogue River from development since 1968.

They have also been supporters of our Wild Rivers Night, held each November in Portland, Oregon, where we gather rafters, kayakers, and conservationists to celebrate the wild rivers we love with films and presentations.

Traveling down our nation’s waterways is not just a business for us, but rather a way of life. We seek to share the abundance of the natural world with our guests, but that is only possible with the help of organizations like American Rivers. By protecting wildlife habitats, allowing for fish migration, and battling mining practices that destroy fragile eco-systems, American Rivers works tirelessly to promote healthy rivers. We hope you’ll consider supporting their efforts as we do. Become a member or make your one time donation now!